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At She ROCKS, we believe it is our duty to help one another, offer hope, share knowledge and simply do our part to leave this world better than we found it. We know that together we will make a difference.

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Know The Statistics

Ovarian cancer is 1/10 as common as breast cancer, but three times more lethal, largely because there is no screening test and almost no symptoms until it is very advanced. In fact, 75% of patients present with stage III or IV. She ROCKS exists to change all that.

1 in 78 women

will develop ovarian cancer

Worldwide annually

204,000 cases and 125,000 deaths. The United States annually: 22,000 cases and 14,000 deaths

There is no screening test

A pap test does NOT detect ovarian cancer

3/4 of women with ovarian cancer

were misdiagnosed with IBS, indigestion or urinary tract infections

More than 80%

of women do not know the symptoms

For ovarian cancers detected

and treated in stage I, the five-year survival rate is 92%. However, only 15% of all ovarian cancers are diagnosed at early stage

Our Mission

She ROCKS exists to bring awareness and attention to ovarian cancer through outreach, funding groundbreaking research, and helping patients who are undergoing treatment in our communities.