How She ROCKS Began…

She ROCKS was established in May of 2014, but the story begins in the fall of the year before. Wilmington NC Ovarian Cancer Research and Treatment

A banker, mother, grandmother, community volunteer and friend, Beth Quinn has always been active and proactive with her health. Over a period of months, she began having abdominal pain and bloating, and went to see various doctors at regular intervals to determine the cause.

After undergoing a long series of diagnostic tests, a CT scan on her abdomen revealed a thickening of her gall bladder. On December 23, 2013, Beth went into surgery to have her gall bladder removed, and woke up to the news that she had stage IV ovarian cancer.

Because there are no screenings for ovarian cancer and a person is typically asymptomatic until it is very advanced, Beth could not have caught this disease earlier. Her best friend, Mary Barto, agreed that this was unacceptable, and the two of them partnered with another close friend, Tracy Brown, to do something about it.

And She ROCKS was born.

She ROCKS exists to bring awareness and attention to ovarian cancer through funding groundbreaking research, and by helping women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The organization is solely committed to these pursuits and it gives every penny that it takes in toward these goals. As She ROCKS, we believe it is our duty as women to help one another in whatever ways we are able.

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Wilmington NC Ovarian Cancer Research and Treatment

She ROCKS, Inc. was formed in May 2014 with the intention to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research
and to provide local support to those affected by all cancers. We show our support locally in Wilmington, North Carolina.